Saturday, December 24, 2011

| 24122011 | * Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey guys! 
Merry Christmas Eve to all of you (: 
Thought i will be passing my day alone today, but its unexpected! (:


woke up at 930am, not that i set alarm but i think i didnt sleep well or maybe i only slept one to half an hour? 7am and im still looking at the clock, cant fall alseep :( this is so so bad. LOL. so i decide to wake, look at the mirror and looking at my poor eyes. no, i have to do something, i make up, but it still look sux. LOL. but its better than i dont make up.

i know it still look sux LOL.

went to yilin's house and picked her up. i've requested her help about 2 weeks ago, to be my GPS and guide me road. i've bought chocolates and made a small card, and planned to deliver for mua friends one by one, house by house on Christmas eve. but some of them have to go back their hometown, therefore i've gave them earlier, like Ah Fei LOL. anyway, also thanks to him help me deliver some chocolates for Ellane, Sheng, Yaw, Aaron and WenHao because i dont know how to deliver to them. Some of them living apartment, some of the houses i dont know how to go LOL.

ready for them :)

okaii. back to ze topic. first house we went are chian's house, wanted to put in her mailbox but her hard disc is with me as well, and its raining. so i have to call her. but she's still sleeping i guess? coincidentally, her mum just came back, so we just passed the things to her and help us to pass to chian (: 

following by KS's house. then we went Jojo for breakfast. then, teckseang's house. passing toll and back to puchong, went to calvin's house, aisha's house and puiyi's house. then, no more. LOL. we're still thinking should we go anywhere or go home. that time was only 2pm. im freaking sleepy and tired. im lazy to back to sunway to drop yilin home. therefore, we planned to take a nap at mua house only back to sunway (:

6pm, sister's boyfee woke me up. LOL. asking us whether wanted to follow them to pavillion? ahhh, okay since we got nothing to do. im lazy to drive and he would like to drive, why not? (: 

us, before nap.

us, after nap.
then, went to mont kiara for dinner - Apgujeong Korean BBQ & Teppanyaki. their food is cheap, i dare to say. pork meat and kimchi jigae. rice are not counted, even service tax are not counted as well. 4 persons only cost us RM140. one person is like RM30+ only and we ate such a luxurious food, wow! 

kimchi jigae (:

you're here with me this year (:

and thanks for bringing us here (:

then, went to Pavillion. got sprayed by the peoples. well, its my first time tho. i saw all the people playing around, and i was like, WAH............... i dont know what to say, i never seen this before. all places in KL are crowded, gather together at Bukit Bintang, look at the big screen and waiting to 12am. we're not down there, we're at A&W and looking down there. LOL. but we still kena spray when we're walking back to Pavillion. its fun! i never play before mahh x) really feel happy because i never thought that i'll be celebrating, i thought i'll stay at home and doing nothing, keke x) its unexpected!

its going to 12am!

its 12am! merry christmas! (:

after 12am, the floor LOL.

after that, around 130am, sent yilin home and we're home too! got a Christmas gift from mua sixta. thankiewwwww! it's a Stitch necklace, teehee. 

christmas gift from sister :)

christmas gift from yilin *limited edition* LOL.

card for parents; Happy Anniversary to them! (:

Apgujeong BBQ Restaurant
J-1-15/16, Soho KL,
Solaris, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-62114061
Click here for location map

For more information, here's the Facebook Page.

Love, Kell.