Wednesday, December 21, 2011

| 21122011 | * A Day with Satisfaction.

Ello! woke up at around 2pm. woke up from kinda nightmare? LOL. i dreamed that i've got F or D for Interactive Multimedia and for Writing for Mass Media. perhaps im nervous about my results? but before that im kinda steady. LOL. i dont know, maybe im just try to comfort myself and make myself calm.

checked my results and thanks God. i passed all my subjects. out of my expectation. i thought i would resit Writing for Mass Media. thanks God for the luck. frankly, i didnt know to answer most of the question and i'm actually already prepared to resit. thanks, seriously thanks, thanks for the lucks (:

then, got a small note from mua sixta. she cooked chicken rice. yup she can cook, the whole chicken. LOL. yummay! its been days i never cook. reasons? lazy, busy, this and that. just dont have ze mood of cooking. so its her turn to cook for me, teehee x)

after mum mum, do house work loh! that's what i always do. its already part of my life. LOL. vacuum the WHOLE AREA of my house. LOL. ''luckily my house is not that big.'' i talked to myself. HAHAHA.

515pm, sixta back from working and we get ready, then went out for gym time (: Huhu and Haha until around 8pm, took bath and went Thai Thai for dinner. ahhh she can just kill me. we just did our gym so hard and she bring me for heavy dinner. WTF, i tot we can just have some light food like mee sua. AHHH please kill me. LOL. btw i had Ochado again, its pretty good, you may go and try. but its kinda sweet, sugar level can be decided by your own. met Maycih and she sip one mouth of mua Ochado then she rush to work. LOL. mua sixta said she's fair. Yup i know she is and im not T.T

selepas itu, we looking for our sport shoes. i need and mua sixta need too. mine Adidas is with me, run with me, walk with me no matter how long the journey is, for almost 5 years. WELL DONE! its time to change, keke x) so i've bought a Li Ning's one. actually i entered the shop and have a look for few times already. and today, finally i bring it home! keke. it cost me around RM145. besides, i also bought a Adidas water bottle. as im a person who love water bottle so much. btw, its only RM18 after discount. GO GET IT (:

around 1015pm, we back to our lovely home (:


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