Saturday, January 31, 2015

| R4ND0M | * Newcastle - Malaysia - Newcastle

Counting down every night and looking forward to back home.
Was stressing all night and could not sleep well and panic for the first time of taking flight alone.
I was always rely on my friends, family etc and never be observant and to know all the rules.
And now, I am alone and that's why I was panic.

But thanks God, I was safe, from Newcastle to Malaysia and from Malaysia back to Newcastle.
Story time!

Safely landed in Malaysia by taking flight myself. 
* feel so proud *

Ahh, and lucky me, long hour flight with empty seats. 
I eat well and I had whisky and sleep very well on the plane.

- On my left.

- On my right.


Thanks to my boy who picked me up in the airport.
Feeling happy to see you.
Back to home and rest for few hours, and my boy left for family dinner.

The first friend I met when I reach Malaysia - AiSha.
Yamcha yamcha and update each other whats happening around :D


Other than that, I'm able to celebrate 1 year anniversary with my boy! Wheeee.


Next day right after our anniversary, we had Jogoya meal in Starhill.
Woah, soooo high class.
And this man was happily eating his mini seafood.

And I'm able to eat what I wanna eat such as chicken rice, steamboat, Sukishi.
AHHHH *damn excited*

- My Moo Cow, yumyum.

Unfortunately, I was sick after 2-3 days I back. 
So some heaty food like Bakuteh, Tomyum, I cant eat T.T

And and I'm able to meet my primary friend yo! - YeeShuang.
I seems so old standing beside her, she's always that young and cute look, hahah.
And yea, I ate Sukishi with her :D


And I met ITMC, and they celebrated early birthday for me.
Thank you kawan kawan, xoxo.

- ArrChian, me, YiLin, Calvin.

- (Front to back) Left: Calvin, KS, WenHao, Lek  |  Right: YiLin, me, Chian, Andrew, Yaw.


Besides that, my Shit group.
Yea, in Whatsapp our group were name as SHIT, and we always address it as the Shit group.
Its mostly my secondary buddies.
And special guest - Puan Chee, our beloved teacher.
We went steamboat for twice and the second time they celebrated birthday for me as well.
Really feeling thankful, kamsahamida, xoxo.

- My beloved teacher - Puan Chee.

- Alvin, Schumann, Pingkee, HuiLin, PuiYi, KokMing, KaiJin, me and Puan Chee.


And, I helped my sister for the preparation of some traditional wedding ceremony, pre-wedding dinner, and actual day on her wedding.
Because everyone is busy, and my mom kept on getting angry and annoyed.
We have so much things to do but have so little time.
So, I'm the victim and kept got scolded by her.
Hmm, maybe because I keep on going out.

But when she said, you're not helping at all, I thought you came back and will help a lot but not at all.
That's really hurt and I really wanna cry at that moment.
I understand sometimes people never realize how hurtful that sentence is, especially when people is busy. So, forget about it.


I made my nails with my mom in Ikano Power Centre for wedding purpose as well.
And bought a few pieces of dress for sister's wedding.
I really likes the blue dress below, it's so classy and simple but I'm not able to wear it on wedding day because it's a little bit to big for me.

- Sticking the happiness on sister's cosmetics.

Then, husband's side of family is coming over.
Bringing some gifts and biscuits.
Inviting some friends to come over as well.

- Distributing the happiness biscuits for friends and relatives.

Pre-Wedding Dinner.

- Fish, sister and me. She have to wear that pajamas after 11pm until the next morning. (According to traditional rules.)

- AiSha & me.

- My boy & me.


Wedding Day (Home).

- My brother & me at the back ( I know we look like twins right), Sabrina, Uncle and Sebastian in front (cousins). 

- Me, Sabrina, Fish, my brother & Gillian (Bride's maid).

- Bride's maid & the Bride.

- The sweet couple.

Wedding Day (Preparation)

Waiting for my turn to make up, so we selfie first. Hahah.


Wedding Day Dinner.

- Completed.

I'm sitting with my friends and I keep running here and there.
Feeling loved when I back to my seat and there are food on my plates.
Hahaha, thanks people!
But too bad my appetite wasnt really good, and I didnt eat much.
And we keep taking selfie hahahah.

- PuiYi & Me.

- My boy & Me.

- Us, with the little kiddo cousin in the middle. Hahahah.

Eveything goes very smooth.
I was expecting will be very very busy on wedding day but compared to other days, its not that busy actually.

Right after the next day, it's time for me to back to Newcastle because I've been skipping class for a week. A lot of friends and relatives asking like, WAH tomorrow fly ahhh, so fast ahh.
Ya I felt damn rush also, but no choice. 
Later I cant follow up the course then I can't graduate :'(

My flight is 1am, so I still able to go out and have Lou-Sang with my ling in Sakae Sushi, like every year we did.


Thanks for sending me off again.
I cried again, really sad of separating, I really hate separating :'(

Wait me for another 6 months, I wanna gather and have outing with you all again, x.