Wednesday, February 8, 2012

| 08022012 | * Extremely Tired Day.

First of all, I'd like to apologize that I greeting you guys with Aunty look because Im going to bed soon. So I just simpky capture a picture of muaself, now. LOL. And roughly blog about mua today's wonderful life.

640am, I woke up ''late''. Usually i woke at 6am to 615am, so i rush and fly my Carrot Bee car to college. Then went for breakfast with the girls. Class from 8am to 12pm non stop. My eye stress like hell, If there's a toothpick, I would like to borrow and help to support my eyes. I am so tired man! Probably because I didnt sleep well yesterday, my Gawd!

Finally, its 12pm. Everyone is waiting for this moment. Everyone's tired. What's going on -.-" even me such a hardworking student also.......... ehem. TAHAHAHA. After class, went to Sunway Pyramid for gym. 130pm, met Yilin and went shop shop with her because she's looking for some fashion and beauty stuffs on her 21st birthday. Because of pulling me see the products on such a well organized shelf, I bought few cosmetic as well! Ribuan terima kasih of persuading, "buy lah, buy lah........"

Maybelline make up remover and mascara.

Because need to wait ling because she's having headache, wait for her to get enough sleep. I asked Yilin accompanied me to had my lunch at Sakae Sushi. So damn effing full. Then finally, sent her home and went for petrol station again! HA! Ridiculous things happened! Day before yesterday, I've pumped RM50 and today, no petrol! WHATHEHELL. I need to pump RM40 again. What's going on man! Grrrrr. CRAZY.

After that, picked up Ling and we went to The Curve. I cannot tahan because I'm really damn tired, even while driving my eye is half way closing. I parked my car and sleep in car for half an hour whereas ling play temple run for half an hour........... LOL. Then 530pm we got down from car and shop shop, had Moo Cow Yogurt and went Thai Express for dinner, we both share a bowl of noodle and a cup of drinks because I am seriously got no appetite.

Then we went to collect movie tickets. Thanks for Nuffnang for the Premiere Screening of Safe House. Movie starts at 930pm and end at 1130pm. Back to home and missed a U-turn and we went until Kepong for U-turn, because of that, we've paid toll. LOL. 1215am, finally home without energy. But now, I feel proud of myself because I still can post such a long blog post. HAHA, good night :)


Btw, Is this shirt nice? I like it, bought for few months ago and this is my first time to wear :)

Tata yo, kell.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

| 07022012 | * Dinner In Boston Klang!

Hey! Another day of holiday. Well, we as a student wont care what holiday is that. We wont actually ask why is it a holiday but since everyone says its public holiday, so we just dont have to go college!

So, what about today? I woke up as late as I can. 130pm and texted Sha. We went out for mum mum, dim sum. Because we're not really hungry. But after we finish, we're so damn full! Then.. never go other places because its going to rain and i'm tired. I have no idea why am i so tired these days. Just like a pig! OMG. But i confirm once college start, I wont be big anymore =3

Do some house work after home. Then shower and get ready to go out again. My life is always outside but not home .__. House is hotel. LOL. Went to pick up Ling, Yilin and went Subang to meet up TeckSeang and Chian. Then together go to Klang again! Ahhhh im so tired and the people who organize this dinner in Boston, Klang- Miss MichelleGan, ffk-ed us. Goooodnyaaaa! Btw, Jack joined us as well :)

Waited for an hour and 20 minutes, finally food comes to us and everyone start eating like how many thousand years never eat. LOL. Everyone's starving. Then, chit chat until 9 something, Jack left and we went to Botanic Cafe yamchaaaaasss.

1130pm, sent all the dudes home and imma go home tooo :)

- I lost in this place when on the way going Botanic Cafe T-T

- Ling and me

- Yilin and me

- Chian and me

- Yamcha of cause there must be a Cha. LOL

Blogged, kell.

| R4ND0M | * Im Still Here!

Hi. Its 315am. I know i've left my blog dead for few weeks. Im really busy. You know, we live like no tomorrow so that our life is meaningful and wonderful :)

I actually got nothing to blog about. Actually there is but.. Its really late lah, forgive me please. I am still a young lady who wants to be beautiful. Imma going to bed soon. You got my message? Im still here, alive, happily and not dead yet, so do my blog.

Today im very busy, its freaking busy. I used all my time. No actually im sleeping for almost half of my whole day. But i went out, weather so hot man! Drink more water like gulu gulu gulu :)

But i went Tropicana City Mall for twice in a day, and Klang, and movies, and.. Viral Factor.. And blog. Okay i know im being lame already because im sleepy. Good night all, kell.