Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Today *\\30.07.2008//*

today went to band competition at stadium merdeka with dear, rabbit, puiyi and see hui.
saw many ppl there.

and our school band did well but not loud enough.
and d colour guard.. hmmm. maybe not enough preparation.
and got a bit cheerleading too.
but damn sux.
even CD also kek gei.
very cacat.
also duno wat they doing there.

quite having fun there but im sleepy.
cause til midnite.
and another day didnt go sch lu.

nothing special.
just having fun at stadium.


- before we go....

- the mr. soo.

- the stadium~

- the band~

- and our band.

- the 'cheerleading'.

- all d band..~

- my dear & me.

- i wan him to feed me.

- and he eat his ownself.

- my dear, why u so Q? =]

-by kellye tan

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Today *\\26.07.2008//*

school day as usual cause deno wanna replace what what what and when when when de holiday wor.
and today's me and my dear's 100 days!!

the whole day, only 3 teachers came in our class.
bm, econs and bc.
siens lur.
dear dear keep go my class accompany me ooh.
cause his class also relief.

ask us come to sch but the teachers all cabut one.
many ppl bring hand phone to sch,
teacher didn't scold actually.
the bm teacher still ask us let her see picture tim.
yeng liao.

and she ask me give her sweet.
cause i give many ppl today.
they get from me,
then bm teacher say she also wan.

after school,
me, dear, puiyi and see hui went to mid valley.
plan to watch movie.
but our time quite limit.
until 5pm we have to go back.
and all d movie were around 3pm.

then dear suggest watch at the gardens.
we walk there and see the time schedule also lur.
don't have our movie.
so we ignore movie dee lur.
we just mum mum at sushi king,
then gai gai.
i also bought a tea tree oil thingy from the body shop.
my darling tong intro one.
deno nice er not.
but i'll just try it. :)

after all,
we take taxi went back to ttc.
then dear back lur.
then i do homework at ttc,
and after that,
i sleep on the sofa.

then around 5pm,
see hui's dad fetch me and puiyi back.
and then i shower.
after shower,
went to puiyi's house.
her turn to shower and i'm reading comic at her house.

then we went to ioi lur.
we meet up amanda at yamaha and went to mum mum at NEXT STOP.
look nice, that shop i mean.
but the food quite oily.
the whole plate of my food are OIL!

and im very very full.
amanda keep forcing me eat.
but at last i didnt eat it.

we plan to watch movie and fail again.
i also went to popular bought my stationary such as glue stick, eraser, papers and so on.

we also went to hot market buy something.
but deno why har,
amanda and puiyi so high gei.
we use the things there and play around, take pics..
but not fair lar.
they can laugh so high gei but i cant!
cause my mouth very pain nar.
too dry.
so everyone here must drink more water ya? :)

other than that,
a bad news for myself.
all my messages disappeared!
my inbox, draft, send items, folders......
no more..
my friend say because my memory card got problem.
im so sad after i cant found my messages back.
the folders that i've kept for 4 years.
Dabez messages, dear's messages, sister's messages, brother's messages, funny and special messages, and all my friend wish me on my birthday messages.....
everything no more, GONE!!

4 years,
suddenly disappear,
the messages leave me without any information.
how i face the truth man?
some of my friends not like last time.
always send me messages to find me keng gaii,
always talk fun.
cause i've transfered my school,
some of my friends not close to me anymore.
they wont send me message that playing fool around me anymore.
even im sick,
they'll send me a message,
drink more water, take care.
those caring messages,
how to replace?
*sob sob**

- muackz :)

- cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeee!! xD

- Maxke<3

- Next stop restaurant.

- can u see d oil? OMG........

- darling, dun force me laa.

- we break up one nar if u still like that. xD

- who wants d bil?

- my darling, amanda.

- puiyi and kellz.

- dada and me.

- me & myself.

-by kellye tan

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camp Fire *\\19.07.2008//*

our sch got scout camp fire today!
it's the last year to have camp fire for scout lur.
so they make it more special and nice.

before that,
me, amanda and see hui went to mid valley also.
we go there and find my boy.
cause he help us something.

after we enter d sch,
we went classroom and chit chat first.
after all,
the camp fire start and we went out lur.

we sing, dance, play games and so on.
there're many performance there.
lion dance, band who rock, chinese tradisional drum,
and cheerleading too!
my dear's inside.
he did well!

there're also a slide that make by scout.
but quite high.
by d way,
i really enjoy there.

we also went out to take our dinner lu.
at ipoh chicken rice.
before that,
we went to 7-eleven drink whatever first.
cause very hot ner.
and thirsty.

when we walk back school that time,
dear dear carry me er.
cause i wan him carry.

- kellz and max. i love this! sweet! xD

- special invitation ticket. :)

-kellz on d way in amanda's car. :)

-kellz and see hui.

- kellz and see hui. OmG~

- kell kellxz

- amanda is wearing her NIKE shoe! xD

- see hui+ amanda. shhh.. xD

- camp fire.

- more than 1000 ppl there.

- see the mr. soo so high gei.

-lion dance.

- cheerleading!

-chinese tradisional drum! d yengest!

- candid shot by see hui.

- say cheeeeeeeeeeese.... eh wei mr. soo, shoo away ur hand narh! xD

-capture by mr. soo.

-kellxz at seven eleven.

- mr. soo at seven eleven.

- somebody steal my shoe......~ xD

- ehem, what am i doing huh? who took this pic?! dush dush.

- by kellye tan