Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camp Fire *\\19.07.2008//*

our sch got scout camp fire today!
it's the last year to have camp fire for scout lur.
so they make it more special and nice.

before that,
me, amanda and see hui went to mid valley also.
we go there and find my boy.
cause he help us something.

after we enter d sch,
we went classroom and chit chat first.
after all,
the camp fire start and we went out lur.

we sing, dance, play games and so on.
there're many performance there.
lion dance, band who rock, chinese tradisional drum,
and cheerleading too!
my dear's inside.
he did well!

there're also a slide that make by scout.
but quite high.
by d way,
i really enjoy there.

we also went out to take our dinner lu.
at ipoh chicken rice.
before that,
we went to 7-eleven drink whatever first.
cause very hot ner.
and thirsty.

when we walk back school that time,
dear dear carry me er.
cause i wan him carry.

- kellz and max. i love this! sweet! xD

- special invitation ticket. :)

-kellz on d way in amanda's car. :)

-kellz and see hui.

- kellz and see hui. OmG~

- kell kellxz

- amanda is wearing her NIKE shoe! xD

- see hui+ amanda. shhh.. xD

- camp fire.

- more than 1000 ppl there.

- see the mr. soo so high gei.

-lion dance.

- cheerleading!

-chinese tradisional drum! d yengest!

- candid shot by see hui.

- say cheeeeeeeeeeese.... eh wei mr. soo, shoo away ur hand narh! xD

-capture by mr. soo.

-kellxz at seven eleven.

- mr. soo at seven eleven.

- somebody steal my shoe......~ xD

- ehem, what am i doing huh? who took this pic?! dush dush.

- by kellye tan


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