Friday, July 11, 2008

My Today *\\11.07.2008//*

sleep late lur.
bus gone!
and i woke up late.
normally wake at 5.15a.m,
but today i woke at 6.30a.m.
gao latt!

so i do everything as fast as i can,
then, wake my baba up.
he looks so unhappy with me cause im disturbing him.
on the way fetching me sch,
he told me that he sleep at around 4a.m.
mean he only sleep for few hours.
Oh no sorry dad.
i not mean to late.
but yesterday really not that happy,
so i was thinking something in my mind while im sleeping.
i'm seriously sorry dad..

i reached school at around 7.10a.m,
going to late but im not.
i met my dear at canteen.
but he seems quite unhappy with me too?
my tears coming out.
nothing nothing.

after school,
i got stay back.
committees got something to do, so my dear didnt accompany me.
i follow amanda to the taekwondo interview.
tan tan, eng lum, erika, annice and denise was there too.
i bluff eng lum tat im here to interview and im red belt.
he believe!
yeah yeah~

afterall,i keng gaii with tan tan about some secret.
and we gossip gossip.
i went to ipoh chicken rice eat mum mum with amanda and denise.
then denise back after her food.

and continue,
my dear came.
with the committees.
is he kidding with me?
im so scare man.
they keep curi looking at our area.

after a moment,
amanda's dad reach d.
he fetch me home today.
and besides that,
his father fetch us to a music shop.
there were nice!many music books and instrument!i do take pics but lazy upload.
and so on,
amanda's father treat me a coconut water.
thanks uncle. :)

Kellye Tan ♥ Max Tan
I Love You, Honey!
- by kellye tan

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