Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Today *\\30.11.2010//*

woke up at 11.30am,
doing my stuff and someone's stuffs.

pick up yilin and went sunway pyramid together.
plan to buy some stuffs and watch movie.
we watch Rapunzel.
nice and cute and damn creative movie.

and thei cartoon inside is cute!
especially the pet and the horse.

after movie, walk walk around and mum mum some sweet stuffs,
then balik!

- by kellyetan

Monday, November 29, 2010

▪ random post.







kellyetan 别想歪歪。

- by kellyetan

Saturday, November 27, 2010

▪ random post.

whata boring day.

woke up at around 2pm,
after eating my BREAKFAST,
then straight away watch tv until 6.30pm.

it's kinda crazy.
feel like eating some junk food but dont have any at home.
feel like wanna go out and buy but its heavy rain and scary thunder.

so boring.
my teeth is itchy,
feel like biting something.

im just randomly missing you.

- by kellyetan

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.11.2010//*

woke up late today.
fly to fei's house and met them up.
went for badminton with them around 12pm.
then play play play until 3pm.

after that went fei's house and shower.
then quickly walk like chicken,
went to sunway pyramid redbox!
with a lot of people.
with chian, yilin, fei, yaw, andrew, sheng, ellane, aaron and 1 more guy which is we dont know who is that.
but i am here to praise his sound is so damn nice!
i like his sound woii.
very soft and feel so touched when he sing songs that can silently break my heart with no one know.

after redbox,
its around 7.30pm.
they continue dinner whereas i sent yilin back home and im home too.
tired ahh.

- by kellyetan

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.11.2010//*

it's the day we're waiting for.
the day of last 2 papers and then we can discuss about our melacca trip happily, with full of relaxation and with zero percentage of worry.

day before we exam we already start talking about the trip.
can consider is a hot topic for us.
but besides talking,
we still have to tell our self not to think because we have to focus the subject that we gonna face.
try to persuade our self to love the text book more,
love advertising more and love psychology more.

but honestly my dishonesty against you.
Fuck you weih advertising and psychology.
although i like psychology,
but when im memorizing my brain really feel like going the kitchen and get the knife to kill you.
i mean the notes.

it's like WTF weihh,
damn it.
im gonna collapse of studying and memorizing with full of stress.

and whatever its all gonna lost in my life on today, 4pm; before the sun back home,
i already can back home.

okay back to the topic.
advertising is kinda.......
half pail of water,
so i dont know how i actually did.
depends on the result.

for psychology,
best to the best!
best until dont know what the question is asking.
perhaps the question dislike me a lot i dont know why,
but they just couldnt wanna friend with me.
and make us like stranger.
that's why i cant understand what were they talking about and what they expect me to answer.

whatever again.
it's all over.
as long as i feel i did the best.,
then lalalalalalalalala.

after exam,
go home rest for the whole semester break!
holiday people!

- by kellyetan

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Today *\\22.11.2010//*

it's web development and marketing paper today.
i only wish to tell myself,
if i think that's the what i did the best, then it is;
no matter pass, no matter fail,
that is what i did for my best.

frankly speaking,
web development i already feel like i will fail that paper.
i dont expect i will pass.

for marketing,
i think one of the question i did is wrong,
perhaps i read the wrong question,
or perhaps i didnt even seriously read the question.
because whenever i asked,
they told me that is just to explain the points.
but if im not mistaken,
im not explaining but i write the other things.
i guess i lost around 10 marks there?

jiayou jiayou!

- by kellyetan

Sunday, November 21, 2010

▪ random post.

*18 November 2010 - 21 November 2010*

These period i was busying to went out studies and revision for my final exam and got no time to have any other activities.
poor pity me.

everyday went the college area to study study study and study.
everyday facing all the notes,
stress like hell!

*20 November 2010*

met up aisha and jasmine,
went to ziyang's shop to dye hair hair!
i cant figure out why will i go for hair salon since my finals is on 22 of November.
but whatever i feel happy and nice.

highlight my hair with reddish, brownish, goldish or orangish color.
depends on your idea that is in your mind about my color.
aisha and jasmine went there to cut their fringe but they waited me for around 2 hours.
i feel so paisehhh.
my face red red and shy.

after that,
balik and drop them at their car park place which is near my house.
and i go to college area continue my studies again.

- sengaisha. ;)

- jasmine and me. ;)

- gold fish face. ;)

- cool! =p

- after wash. ;)

- combo hair dryer! ;D

- after they cut their fringe. ;)

- 3 of us, cant see my color. x(

- effect! *edited adding light *

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.11.2010//*

went out for lunch at sunway pyramid t bowl with puiyi and teckseang.
after lunch then we left there,
heading to jeeseng's house to pick him up.

after that went to bandar puteri to buy movies.
then back home and watch 2 movies.
and 1 more movie watch while we're eating STEAMBOAT!!

thanks for my mami cook the soup for us,
and sponsor chicken.

after steamboat,
play play in my room for a little while,
then they left.

- by kellyetan

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Today *\\16.11.2010//*

went FBI to study for exam today with yilin.
after that went to eat Bakuteh with her,
also met up fei and hong at chicken rice nearby there,
for a little while only.

finally i could eat today!
awww so nice!

after that,
met up puiyi and teckseang at my house and we went OUG to buy steamboat things for tomorrow!
tomorrow the 4 members of WHATEVER will come my house steamboat yo!
happy lahh.

- by kellyetan

Monday, November 15, 2010

▪ random post.










what a day.

- by kellyetan

Sunday, November 14, 2010

▪ random post.

into mission that have to be possible.

and yeahh we did it guys.

for the few days of sleepless days,
busy days.
there are surely will have conflict of anger.
because everyone is tired right?

if there's any unfair work that i didnt put much effort on those projects and assignments,
i hope you guys can forgive me.
because everyone is busying with stuffs,
and seriously there is really a lot of work have to be handle.
sorry guys.
and thanks a lot.

where should i go?
it's study break tomorrow onwards until next week!

finally can rest for a little while but not too much!
i've already wasted a lot a lot a lot of time in this semester,
during the study break i must put more effort to do my revision.

cause it's final exam week after this study break.
i have to put more effort.

where should i go?

starbucks to get a cup of coffee while studying?

mc donalds to have a burger and unlimited refill coke?

or noodle station to have a bowl of hot tomyam soup noodles?

- by kellyetan

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Today *\\13.11.2010//*

woke up at around 11.50am,
get ready everything and had lunch at home alone facing the television.

headed to subang fei's house at around 3pm.
still haven have the mood to start the assignment yet.
but after an hour,
we both start.
even we drove car to college area to check for the product prices for assignment.

the product that we do for our assignment is sanitary napkin.
and while finding the informations of the product,
i found out 1 thing and i wish to buy because look so nice!

see the pictures below.

nice riteeeee?

these daysssss,
is not a very happy day for me.
but i will remind me,
everyday is my wonderful day.

- by kellyetan