Friday, November 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.11.2010//*

college as usual.
had a very hard time for presentation.
a cool and strict lecturer,
a non preparation presentation,
a nervous student.
facing all the walls, seniors and lecturers,
completely done for the presentation.

well honestly,
i think i might fail this subject.
whatever anyway.

and also finally hand in our advertising assignment.
the documents is already clipping with my papers for a month.
and finally all of 'em get lost from me.

class end and went to the mass communication level,
help the seniors up to do video shooting,
running here and there,
acting like a active monkey.
with a lot of balloons around.
and finally done by around 5pm.

went tesco with puiyi to buy a lot of instant food such as noodles and soups which is not healthy at all.
but i used to it and already purchase for more than RM60 for all the unhealthy food.
after that,
went home to change my clothes because i'm still wearing formal at that time.

met up jeeseng and teckseang at Umami steamboat with 'em.
got called from chian and her high heels left in my car and i guess her sister need it tomorrow.
so she came and met me up and get the heels back.
and coincidentally met huibin and michelle.

after dinner,
sent 'em home and im home.

it's not a very happy day,
but its not too bad also.
- by kellyetan

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