Sunday, November 21, 2010

▪ random post.

*18 November 2010 - 21 November 2010*

These period i was busying to went out studies and revision for my final exam and got no time to have any other activities.
poor pity me.

everyday went the college area to study study study and study.
everyday facing all the notes,
stress like hell!

*20 November 2010*

met up aisha and jasmine,
went to ziyang's shop to dye hair hair!
i cant figure out why will i go for hair salon since my finals is on 22 of November.
but whatever i feel happy and nice.

highlight my hair with reddish, brownish, goldish or orangish color.
depends on your idea that is in your mind about my color.
aisha and jasmine went there to cut their fringe but they waited me for around 2 hours.
i feel so paisehhh.
my face red red and shy.

after that,
balik and drop them at their car park place which is near my house.
and i go to college area continue my studies again.

- sengaisha. ;)

- jasmine and me. ;)

- gold fish face. ;)

- cool! =p

- after wash. ;)

- combo hair dryer! ;D

- after they cut their fringe. ;)

- 3 of us, cant see my color. x(

- effect! *edited adding light *

- by kellyetan

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