Monday, November 22, 2010

My Today *\\22.11.2010//*

it's web development and marketing paper today.
i only wish to tell myself,
if i think that's the what i did the best, then it is;
no matter pass, no matter fail,
that is what i did for my best.

frankly speaking,
web development i already feel like i will fail that paper.
i dont expect i will pass.

for marketing,
i think one of the question i did is wrong,
perhaps i read the wrong question,
or perhaps i didnt even seriously read the question.
because whenever i asked,
they told me that is just to explain the points.
but if im not mistaken,
im not explaining but i write the other things.
i guess i lost around 10 marks there?

jiayou jiayou!

- by kellyetan

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