Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Today *\\11.11.2010//*

what a wonderful great and busy day.
woke up late again this morning and fail to study in the morning for the test after that.
dont know what happened to me these days,
i've been waking up late for 3 days.
i guess there's someone drunk me up after i slept.

pick up yilin and chian at yilin's house and went college area to eat mum mum.
study while eating, copy while eating, memorizing while eating and whatever it is just eat and just nervous about the test later.
know what?
we've 2 test in a day.
what the fish.

end up,
i admit i wrote in a small piece of paper for the last chapter because i cant manage to study that much.
my brain is full of storage,
how i wish i could tranform to a 16gb pen drive so that i can store all the slides and notes into my brain.
but however that's just impossible.

test time!
everyone is writing, me too of course.
and finally end.
came out from the class around 3.30pm,
and 4pm another test.

that's the subject that i did not paying attention always and did not study at all for the test because we've got no time!
same thing,
capture in camera, i pad, notes, handphone and trying our best effort to get the answer.
enter the class and the lecturer ask us to bring out only a pen and no phones together with us, bags in front.
the first thing appear in my mind,
GG and give up.

i still follow her instructions.
no phones with me,
only a pen on the table and write whatever common sense.
i wish at least i can score for 2 marks in that paper.

God bless.

and now,
rushing advertising assignment for tomorrow and nearly complete.
presentation tomorrow in the morning.
and after that,
i can rest and go for movie!

Jiayou Jiayou!!

- by kellyetan

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