Sunday, November 14, 2010

▪ random post.

into mission that have to be possible.

and yeahh we did it guys.

for the few days of sleepless days,
busy days.
there are surely will have conflict of anger.
because everyone is tired right?

if there's any unfair work that i didnt put much effort on those projects and assignments,
i hope you guys can forgive me.
because everyone is busying with stuffs,
and seriously there is really a lot of work have to be handle.
sorry guys.
and thanks a lot.

where should i go?
it's study break tomorrow onwards until next week!

finally can rest for a little while but not too much!
i've already wasted a lot a lot a lot of time in this semester,
during the study break i must put more effort to do my revision.

cause it's final exam week after this study break.
i have to put more effort.

where should i go?

starbucks to get a cup of coffee while studying?

mc donalds to have a burger and unlimited refill coke?

or noodle station to have a bowl of hot tomyam soup noodles?

- by kellyetan

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Katak said...

wah. u made yourself a schedule. I'll never follow the "perfect" time table that i arrange for myself O_O