Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.11.2010//*

its last day of working.
kinda miss the day today.
dont wanna the time pass so fast.

perhaps its kinda crowded today,
so the time also pass quite fast.

the special guest visit me again today.
TJS came and visit us working.
we also went for dinner break together.
what we eat?
KFC again.
and what's lunch break,
Mc Donalds.

around 9.15pm,
Alex the boss ask us to start packing all the things and me and puiyi starts to get energetic.
it recall back when we are dutying during last time LM.
we both miss the days we had.

Alex gave us a lot of stuff such as towels, notebook, Disney mouse, USB fan.
i like my boss because he's very nice.

although when i did not that well he show me some face to pass me the message,
and i will start emo-ing there.
but he still very nice.
we wish to work for him again.

in these period of working days,
i bought a lot of stuff.
i bought 3 pen drives, headphone, notebook cooler fan table.

i dont know i am working or shopping.

Happy Birthday Tim Tim!

- by kellyetan

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