Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.11.2010//*

it's the day we're waiting for.
the day of last 2 papers and then we can discuss about our melacca trip happily, with full of relaxation and with zero percentage of worry.

day before we exam we already start talking about the trip.
can consider is a hot topic for us.
but besides talking,
we still have to tell our self not to think because we have to focus the subject that we gonna face.
try to persuade our self to love the text book more,
love advertising more and love psychology more.

but honestly my dishonesty against you.
Fuck you weih advertising and psychology.
although i like psychology,
but when im memorizing my brain really feel like going the kitchen and get the knife to kill you.
i mean the notes.

it's like WTF weihh,
damn it.
im gonna collapse of studying and memorizing with full of stress.

and whatever its all gonna lost in my life on today, 4pm; before the sun back home,
i already can back home.

okay back to the topic.
advertising is kinda.......
half pail of water,
so i dont know how i actually did.
depends on the result.

for psychology,
best to the best!
best until dont know what the question is asking.
perhaps the question dislike me a lot i dont know why,
but they just couldnt wanna friend with me.
and make us like stranger.
that's why i cant understand what were they talking about and what they expect me to answer.

whatever again.
it's all over.
as long as i feel i did the best.,
then lalalalalalalalala.

after exam,
go home rest for the whole semester break!
holiday people!

- by kellyetan

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