Friday, November 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.11.2010//*

woke up late today.
fly to fei's house and met them up.
went for badminton with them around 12pm.
then play play play until 3pm.

after that went fei's house and shower.
then quickly walk like chicken,
went to sunway pyramid redbox!
with a lot of people.
with chian, yilin, fei, yaw, andrew, sheng, ellane, aaron and 1 more guy which is we dont know who is that.
but i am here to praise his sound is so damn nice!
i like his sound woii.
very soft and feel so touched when he sing songs that can silently break my heart with no one know.

after redbox,
its around 7.30pm.
they continue dinner whereas i sent yilin back home and im home too.
tired ahh.

- by kellyetan

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