Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Today *\\31.12.2009//*

today actually need to go office work for my mami.
but then we went Inti college to ask about the college and courses stuff for more details.
after that we came home and i actually plan to go for countdown with joshua they all.

but then suddenly i have no mood go for countdown but movie.
ask in facebook and my senior watch with me.
same thing,
he came my house and pick me up around 10.30pm,
and we went mid valley and wait until 12am.
because we watch midnight movie.

we watch the vampire's assistant.
this is the movie that i have been waiting for 2 months.
i am very desperate to watch this.
and guess they will have part 2.

around 2am,
senior sent me back somewhere outside and i sit nicholas' car and we call out some friends for yam cha.
and we went yam cha with junsam, bryant and 2 of his friend who is i dont know their name.
oh yeaa,
my senior is ChingYih.
i never tell about i'm going out with who.

during yamcha,
so ngam saw cheeguan and his friend.
he looks like acting dont know me.
never mind.

joshua and cheeyang actually wanna join us but then we going to leave soon.
so they also not coming already.
around 4 something am,
i am home.

Happy New Year!!

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Today *\\30.12.2009//*

went Sunway Pyramid with cheeguan.
Redbox, Sushi King and movie with him.

what we watched?
we watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Hellohhh buddy,
must watch!
it's a very very freaking nice movie.
i love it.

i left house around 1pm,
cheeguan pick me and around 10pm,
he sent me back.

there is something that hardly to tell.

- by kellye tan

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.12.2009//*

helping my mami working at office today.
today is an excited day.
dont know why but everyone's being so crazy,
but fun.

after working,
jasmine, my sister and me,
we went to my friend's house to post him the card,
i mean leave in his post box.
and after that,
we went IOI for dinner.

- done done. :)

- by kellye tan

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.12.2009//*


I'm staying at home whole day and never celebrate anything.
i rest at home and type documents.
how pity yaahhh?

- by kellye tan

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.12.2009//*

it's Christmas Eve!

Tumpang puiyi's car to Sunway Pyramid.
buy something that i need in Popular Book Store.
and after a moment,
met up Jasmine.

went Shogun to have out lunch.
and after that,
went to shopping around because Jasmine have many stuff to buy also.

around 5pm,
back to Jasmine's house.
Start to rush for my card for my friend.

after cards,
i lay on the floor and get some rest.
Jasmine disturb me.

she keep playing with the nail polish.
my hand look like ghost,
very colourful.
i also have dinner at her house.
thanks again weihh.

around 11pm,
cousins and parents came and pick me up and we headed to The Gardens Mid Valley for movie.
we watch Sherlock Holems.
its a very nice movie but maybe im tired,
feel sleepy that time.

after movie,
cousin lost her phone.
but she seems nothing.
and so we left.

- shogunnn.

- keychain for my friend. :)

- making cards. :)

- see the table, sooo messy.

- inside the card.

- plan to do this for the front page.

- rest...........

- my nail...~

Merry Christmas!
Happy Anniversary!

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

▪ Singapore Day 3 *\\23.12.2009//*

third day and the last day,
after breakfast,
we leave.

Nothing much about today.

- starbucks at the Singapore air port.

- i check my facebook here. xD

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

▪ Singapore Day 2 *\\22.12.2009//*

woke up quite late today?
and went somewhere and i forgot where is it and have breakfast?
Went VIVO city and some other places.
see the view and took pictures.
and there's a place called SKY PARK.
just like garden.
we can even put out leg inside the water!

we also eat ice cream!
Ben & Jerry Vanilla flavor,
yum yum.

and know what?
i bought a carrot pencil boxxxxxxxxxx!
at first i actually leave the place already,
but then after i left,
my heart still missing and wondering should i buy it.
but end up i ask my sister to bring me back and finally i bought it home.

went orchard road Food Republic to have lunch again.
cause i wanna eat the noodles!

at night,
we went some other places too see view again.
nice view.
thumbs up!
i love the view you knowwww?

me, my sister's boy and my sister,
we went somewhere food court near our hotel to have supper.
cause heard the people said there have a porridge with 'tin gai' very nice.
so we go and have a try.
and yesss,
very very nice.
i still hope to have one more bowl.

after that,
we went 7-eleven to buy some snacks,
and we went back to hotel.

- good morning. :D

- VIVO City. :)

- owwwh this cutie little carrot. :)

- i found jared's shop. KIMOCHI. xD

- sister and me.

- well, i know my smile so so horrible, terrible and vegetable. LOL.

- i love herrrrr.

- see the people put their leg inside the water.

- then i also step in the water.

- cute kids.


- obviously fake one narrr. xD

- Her leg and My leg. =="

- kellye. :)

- Joyce. :)

- Ben & Jerry. Purposely add the color rice for the photo look nicer. xD

- Food Republic.

- them. :)

- what a nice view.

- wooo! this is my wallpaper! xD

- im eating Mr. Bean. xD

- porridge. :)

- good night. :)

- by kellye tan