Monday, December 21, 2009

▪ Singapore Day 1 *\\21.12.2009//*

On the plane,
i saw many lights outside the window,
i never sleep but i was enjoying.
How long i never take plane?
i guess its already been a year.

Reached Singapore at around 7am?
went somewhere for our lunch and after that back to hotel sleep for few hours.
we whole day never sleep already weihh.

we went Food Republic to have food.
we also went to many many places.
and well,
its already few weeks and now only i update my blog.
i really cant remember where i went on the first day and second day and third day.
but i only know where i went.
but i forget which day already loo.

Here's some picture!

- sammmmm.

- hearts her always. :)

- sam and kell.

- my chicken rice. xD

- tadaaa!

- sam and kell. :)

- joyce and puisan.

- restaurant in iluma shopping center.

- i love this drawww! sooo cute! xD

- Iluma shopping center. i tot it was YIRUMA. xD

- she and me.

- her.

- me.

- i didnt know that i actually got the same pose with the cartoon on top. o.O

- Bugis streeeeet!

- ION orchard.

- who likes LV?

- and who likes PRADA?

- nice leeee. food republic.

- tree of hope.

- make a wish. :)

- chocolate. wooo.

- i love thiss! :)

- waaaaa, nice lerr?

- sam, puisan, joyce and kell.

- this is what inside the christmas tree! :)

- me and mua sister.

- kell and sister. :D

she gave me a wish,
and i give it to you,
they said it, i hope they really do.

- by kellye tan

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