Monday, December 14, 2009

My Today *\\14.12.2009//*

its the last day of SPM.
its the last day we wear the blue uniforms and also the white shirt.
i iron it neatly, wear it nicely.
because i will never have this chance to wear it anymore.
this is really the LAST day of school.
i'm gonna miss you all like crazy, seriously.

today was BC exam and i was thought getting credit.
but i think i hardly make it.
cause i dont know how to do.

and one of the question,
why i change the answer?


i know the answer but i enter to the exam room and i totally forgot!

after school,
went sunway with classmates.
what were we?
we wore the 5P4 t shirts together again.

in the bus,
i was thinking lots of thing.
perhaps that's our last chance to take bus together.
i miss you all weih.

reached there and we went to shogun and book places.
and then went redbox and sing, of course.
having lunch in redbox and their service so slow.
ask them bring me chili sos,
the chili sos took an hour!
i was wondering where the chili sos comes from?

after redbox,
we wait for huilin's sister and pick her up.
and then we went somewhere took pictures.

around 6 something,
we went shogun and....
eat loo...

besides eating,
i also got run out and find peiling for chatting and accompany her.
around 9pm,
my sister came and we paid the money and leave.
i walk with my sister because of accompany her eat.
and more while then,
sent puiyi back and i'm home.

know what?
freaking tired.
freaking stress.
stress of dont know what to start first in after SPM.
about the interview of tutor?
i guess i give up.
i dont take risk, always.

- the last day of wearing school uniforms.

- redbox. :)

- puiyi, huilin, kellye. :)

- huilin and me. :)

- hellooo! camera shy? =P

- dont know what am i laughing but i know there's something funny that's why i laugh. xD

- kellye.

- sunway pyramid.

- while waiting huilin's sister.

- alvin, zhihong, kellye, ronald.

- us. :)

- vinvin, honghong, kellkell and linlin. :)

- alvin, zhihong and me.

- zhihong, kellye and ronald.

- kellye, ronald and zhihong. :)

-woootss! shaasheeemeeee~ heh.

- lala? soup? mm, yum yum. =D

- shogun.

- i kind, i forgive they spell wrong my name.

- yum yum.

- eeeyerrr, see puiyi soooo cute! xD

- zhihong...... very full. xD

- yum yum. :)

- alvin and me. :)

our redbox number and shogun number is 26.
can we have outing on 26 of december?

- by kellye tan

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