Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Today *\\17.12.2009//*

do nothing at home today.
but jasmine came to my house.
for movie and internet.

was boring for hours and hours.
until around 8pm,
joshua came and pick me and jasmine up again.
after that pick sengyew and we went pasar malam together.

after pasar malam was planning to yam cha.
and jasmine have to leave early and sent her home first.
after that sent me home also.

home and more while,
tihau came my house to collect christmas hat.
he lend from me for his camp.

after that,
around 11 something,
went one utama for movie together with sister, her boy and also her boy's sister.
watch AVATAR but i'm having heavy headache at that moment.

but that's really a nice movie.
it's not what the poster shows that scary.
it's only talking about scientist finding out something in 2 different world.
and really nice.
must watch.

movie end at around 3.40am,
and im home around 4am.
tired and headache.
but nice movie.
*thumbs up*

- going out to one utama. :)

- by kellye tan

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