Saturday, December 12, 2009

▪ random post.

currently i'm at office.
i tell you,
i dont like to come to office.
very NOISY, very BUSY, and BORING.

i always feel like sleeping while staying here.
very noisy.
all the people talk talk talk like a hen waking me up early in the morning.
all the people busy busy busy like ants busy carrying their food back to their house.
i'm the only people who feel boring here.
everyone is busying but i'm sitting here and got nothing to do.

the phone keep on ringing and i dont like to pick up.
this is because i dont know how to answer them.
i dont like to stay here.

i'm very sleepy.
just back from library with jasmine.
and know what?
I feel like wanna eat CAKE!
i wanna eat cakeeeeee..

boring boring boring.


- by kellye tan

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