Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Today *\\31.12.2009//*

today actually need to go office work for my mami.
but then we went Inti college to ask about the college and courses stuff for more details.
after that we came home and i actually plan to go for countdown with joshua they all.

but then suddenly i have no mood go for countdown but movie.
ask in facebook and my senior watch with me.
same thing,
he came my house and pick me up around 10.30pm,
and we went mid valley and wait until 12am.
because we watch midnight movie.

we watch the vampire's assistant.
this is the movie that i have been waiting for 2 months.
i am very desperate to watch this.
and guess they will have part 2.

around 2am,
senior sent me back somewhere outside and i sit nicholas' car and we call out some friends for yam cha.
and we went yam cha with junsam, bryant and 2 of his friend who is i dont know their name.
oh yeaa,
my senior is ChingYih.
i never tell about i'm going out with who.

during yamcha,
so ngam saw cheeguan and his friend.
he looks like acting dont know me.
never mind.

joshua and cheeyang actually wanna join us but then we going to leave soon.
so they also not coming already.
around 4 something am,
i am home.

Happy New Year!!

- by kellye tan

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