Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.12.2009//*

it's Christmas Eve!

Tumpang puiyi's car to Sunway Pyramid.
buy something that i need in Popular Book Store.
and after a moment,
met up Jasmine.

went Shogun to have out lunch.
and after that,
went to shopping around because Jasmine have many stuff to buy also.

around 5pm,
back to Jasmine's house.
Start to rush for my card for my friend.

after cards,
i lay on the floor and get some rest.
Jasmine disturb me.

she keep playing with the nail polish.
my hand look like ghost,
very colourful.
i also have dinner at her house.
thanks again weihh.

around 11pm,
cousins and parents came and pick me up and we headed to The Gardens Mid Valley for movie.
we watch Sherlock Holems.
its a very nice movie but maybe im tired,
feel sleepy that time.

after movie,
cousin lost her phone.
but she seems nothing.
and so we left.

- shogunnn.

- keychain for my friend. :)

- making cards. :)

- see the table, sooo messy.

- inside the card.

- plan to do this for the front page.

- rest...........

- my nail...~

Merry Christmas!
Happy Anniversary!

- by kellye tan

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