Tuesday, December 22, 2009

▪ Singapore Day 2 *\\22.12.2009//*

woke up quite late today?
and went somewhere and i forgot where is it and have breakfast?
Went VIVO city and some other places.
see the view and took pictures.
and there's a place called SKY PARK.
just like garden.
we can even put out leg inside the water!

we also eat ice cream!
Ben & Jerry Vanilla flavor,
yum yum.

and know what?
i bought a carrot pencil boxxxxxxxxxx!
at first i actually leave the place already,
but then after i left,
my heart still missing and wondering should i buy it.
but end up i ask my sister to bring me back and finally i bought it home.

went orchard road Food Republic to have lunch again.
cause i wanna eat the noodles!

at night,
we went some other places too see view again.
nice view.
thumbs up!
i love the view you knowwww?

me, my sister's boy and my sister,
we went somewhere food court near our hotel to have supper.
cause heard the people said there have a porridge with 'tin gai' very nice.
so we go and have a try.
and yesss,
very very nice.
i still hope to have one more bowl.

after that,
we went 7-eleven to buy some snacks,
and we went back to hotel.

- good morning. :D

- VIVO City. :)

- owwwh this cutie little carrot. :)

- i found jared's shop. KIMOCHI. xD

- sister and me.

- well, i know my smile so so horrible, terrible and vegetable. LOL.

- i love herrrrr.

- see the people put their leg inside the water.

- then i also step in the water.

- cute kids.


- obviously fake one narrr. xD

- Her leg and My leg. =="

- kellye. :)

- Joyce. :)

- Ben & Jerry. Purposely add the color rice for the photo look nicer. xD

- Food Republic.

- them. :)

- what a nice view.

- wooo! this is my wallpaper! xD

- im eating Mr. Bean. xD

- porridge. :)

- good night. :)

- by kellye tan

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