Tuesday, December 15, 2009

▪ SMKS4BK Party *\\15.12.2009//*

woke up at 8am and went to school, for returning back the text books.
after that,
follow baba went bank and after that we went office.
i'm freaking tired and not really in mood.

around 1pm,
mami pick me up from office and back to house.
i slept for few hours.

around 6pm,
jasmine came to my house.
and joshua came my house to pick us up for party.
we went to pick up ziyang also.

after that we wait for joseph they all and we go together.
we having fun there.
talk craps, photo session and also barber Q.

party end at around 10pm,
we went Club 2 together.
some of them play pool,
some of them play snooker and also some of them drink beer.
me and jasmine never do anything because we dont play.
guaii luii.

around 11 something,
we all leave the place and joshua sent me home.
of course cheeyang is in the car also.
thanks to joshua.

once again,
love you all and also take care.

- having fun. :)

- tihau, the owner.

- photo session starts.

- cheeyang, karhoe.

- minchen, leong, joseph.

- sengyew, joseph, joshua.

- tihau, karhoe, kellye and jasmine.

- tihau, karhoe and me. :)

- karhoe and me.

- kellye and ziyang.

- see the sengyew.... xD

- see the sengyew again..... xD

- cheeyang.

- kellye and zhengyi.

- cheeyang and me.

- back scene. :)

- leong and me.

- shawn loon and me.

- kellye and puiwah. :)

- puiwah and joshua.

- joshua, kok onn and joseph hiding behind.

- joshua and kok onn.

- sengyew and me. :)

- kellye, jasmine and joshua.

- kellye, joshua and hoeymun.

- kellye, jasmine, joshua and sengyew. i love this photo very much! :)

- jasmine and me. :)

- tihau and me. :)

- joseph and me, he's always my best listener. :)

- joshua and me. :)

- see the sengyew again................. xD

- sengyew wanna sit on the barber Q stove. woo, your bud not yummy weih.

- joseph and joshua. my bessssssst listener, always. :)

- photo photo. :)

- puiwah, zhengyi and tihau, disturb disturb.

- zhengyi disturb disturb.

- what's happening? LOL.

- finally the SMKS4BK form 5 group photos! :)

- thanks to the photographer. :)

- pool-ing, snooker-ing, beer-ing. LOL.

- club 2 very cold.....

- julius and me.

- leaving.

- leaving, can you see me? :)

- by kellye tan

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