Sunday, September 30, 2012

| 30092012 | * Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Hey guys!
Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
Did you play lantern? Or have dinner together with you family?
I bet you do :)

Tonight, me and AiSha play lantern and candles at my house.
Last minute decision, she went to buy the stuffs and came to my house.
At least, we still have each other. 
We are not alone.

Half way then, Yaw, Fei, Andrew, Lek and Bally came to my house and see us play.
I dont know what to react that time. 
They suddenly came to my house,
maybe they are lonely too :')
Aww, thanks that we have friends.

Yet, YiLin was here too. She overnight my house because the next day we have to work.
Then, we went to Carbon Brasa to yamcha. 
1230am, we left and back to home.

- Sha.

- Us.

- Pattern :D

- Thank you, Dabez.

Thank you Dabez, for always being there for me.
Thank you, that YOU're with me today.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

| 29092012 | * Happy Birthday TeckSeang!

First, I'm here to wish TeckSeang, the best friend of mine Happy Birthday. Hopefully you really grown up... But I dont think so. Hahahaha. Anyway, hope you all the best in future :D

Woke up at 830am, bought breakfast for my beloved grandmother. 4pm, went badminton with AiSha at White Fairy Sport. Nice exercise :D

930pm, went to Setia Walk to get ready party people! Nope, not club. Just trying some new thing, I-Darts! Surprise birthday celebrations for TeckSeang. Hope he enjoy a lot. There kinda numbers of people celebrate with him, but he non stop complaining there is no people. But end up, he drunk and there is crowded. There are high school friends, college friends and even my friends came too! Oh thanks for coming people :')

- Happy Birthday, that's me! Hahaha.

- College and high school friends.


- Yay :D

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

| 26092012 | * Loudspeaker!

Have class at12pm but I went to Subang at 630am. Just hate finding parking there. Argh! Always wasting my time and my petrol. I study at do other things else in Starbucks.

- Breakfast in Starbucks.

After class, accompanied Mr Andrew for lunch at Asia Café. I actually have class after that we were all skipping because we have to attend talk. And I dislike attend for talks! Ish.

430pm, wait for PuiYi and Andrew in college area. Then went to pick up WenHao, and accompanied him to Subang Parade to buy something. After that, 4 of us went to First Subang’s Loudspeaker to cheong k! Cheong K session end at 9pm but we still syok sendiri singing without music. Tahaha! I even learn to RAP, and Andrew… I will never forget one thing he did in that room. He’s holding a glass of water whereas another hand was holding the microphone, and then he suddenly shout. We were all looking at him and wondering what is he doing, guess what he said? He answers us very calm:" I see whether the glass will break or not." WTF! LAUGH DIE US!

After sending them home. Me and PuiYi went to Setia Walk asking enquiries about I Darts. Then, sent her home and I’m home too! :D

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25092012 * Badminton!

Wohoho! Went for badminton with AiSha again! We’re gonna train ourselves to be a good player. Kakaka! At the same time, we enjoy when we’re sweating. Woho! The moment IS THE BEST! Some information about the new opening badminton court in Puchong.

White Fairy Sports Badminton Court
TK3/11, Taman Kinrara, Jalan Puchong.

Weekdays 10am-6pm RM12/hour
Weekdays 6pm-12am RM25/hour

Weekend and Public Holidays 8am-6pm RM12/hour
Weekend and Public Holidays 6pm012am RM25/hour

Student Rate
Weekdays 10am-6pm RM10/hour (except public holidays)
Special Rate
Weekdays 6pm-7pm RM15/hour (except public holidays)

Contact: 016-3621917


 And you might meet us there, the Kang Kang Dabez! :D

Vrooom, kellye.

Monday, September 24, 2012

| 24092012 | * Working Dabez!


It’s Monday. Do you face Monday blue problem? I don’t. Tahahaha. Imma working with AiSha in Tesco Damansara Mutiara today. Selling vegetables? Of course not! We are just asking people to join members for FREE! Actually it’s very free. Wow, I enjoy a lot in this job but AiSha seems very boring. Kakaka. Don’t have to promote a lot, it’s a very easy job :D

I had eggs for breakfast, AiSha make for me one nehh! So sweet yarh! Thank you so much! :D Then, I had chicken rice as my lunch break. And we actually finish our job early, then had my dinner at Tesco area also. Then, sent her back to home and I’m home too!






Nah! It’s the best timing for me to adjust back my time. Since I always sleept at 5am, then slowly 3am. Now, why not before 12am and slowly get back to 10pm? Wohoo! Healthy lifestyle journey start! :D

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

| 23092012 | * Family Day.


It’s family day! Had brunch with family in MidValley. Just simple brunch, then we all back off to do our own things. 4pm, went SS15 with sister because we send our car for polish and wax that we bought from Groupon. At the same time, she wanted to cut her hair there. But once we reached there, we’re all hungry. So we eat together with Andrew and Yaw. Then I send my sister to cut hair, then met up Sha as well, we 4 yamcha at Macoto. Really thanks so much to accompanied me J

Between the yamcha session, I need to send Fiesta to do the same thing also but I not dare to drive out Honda Civic. Thanks to Dai Lou Yaw! He saved my life, drove the car back to SS15. Hohoho. I really don’t dare because its my brother’s car. WTF.

7pm, they left. And finally my sister is back. LOL. 940pm, Fiesta was done and we both went to Setia Walk for dinner! :D

Grateful, kellye.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

| 22092012 | * Badminton.


Woke up at 850am early in the morning. Why? Because we’re addicted to badminton! Owyeah! We went for badminton at 10am. Sweat sweat sweat! After that, we had breakfast at nearby restaurant. And then she sent me home. Thank you! Then I went to grandmother’s house because mum’s order. LOL. So I have to be here to accompany my grandmother.

- Hi Tea with Grandmother :D

830pm, went Station One with Sha, Yaw, Andrew and WenHao. Yamcha and listen song. At 1245am midnight, we went home.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

| 21092012 | * Badminton.

Wohoo! Had badminton with Chian, Fei and Lek. 4 lonely kaki(s). Hahaha! But we enjoy a lot. Kekeke. Then, we had our food in Kwai Sung at 430pm with Fei, Chian and Yaw. Spent some time with them, until 630pm. Jam all the way to home. 

GET SWEAT, kellye.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

| 20092012 | * Farewell for Korea Teacher.

Attend class today. After class, I straight away back to home and take nap. I have no idea why am I so tired today, like so seriously. I even slept in class while lecturer is lecturing. WTF. Woke up at 630pm but still feeling so tired. But I have no choice, my korea teacher have to back to Korea to give birth for her baby! I’ve actually stopped the lesson and I don’t feel like attending, after all, she has thought me a lot, then I think I should be attend. It’s a farewell dinner for her in Italianese Sunway Pyramid. I went with mua sister. We actually spent a lot of time for picture taking session. LOL! Everyone dress up pretty, make up and so on. But I’m only attending with a T shirt and shorts. So sorry, I’m so tired. Hahaha!

10 something, we left. And I went to yamcha with Sha at Wings Café until late night only we back to home. 

- Me and teacher.

- Sixta and teacher.

- Petula, me and WaiYi.

Love, kellye.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

| 19092012 | * The Bait Premiere Screening.

Morning! Have 2 subject classes today. Between break time, me, Chian and HuiBin had our lunch together with Mr Andrew at Jojo. After that, we still yamcha at Coco. 4pm, we went to our class.

Class end at 6pm, I met up PuiYi and wait for mua sixta to pick us up. We went KLCC together for The Bait Premiere Screening. Thanks Churp Churp and Nuffnang! :D Mua sixta invited Ah Teow for ze movie. Before that, we had our dinner in Xian Jia, Isetan. Udon! I miss Korea :P You must be wondering what’s related for Udon and Korea. Udon should be Japan. Because we had Udon in Korea and their Udon is nice! Awww, I miss MyeongDong as well ><"

Then, we went for movie! Okay, the movie is pretty scary. It scares me from the beginning until the end. -.-" After movie, sister sent AhTeow and PuiYi home. Then, we went home too!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

| 17092012 | * Grandmother's Hair Cut.

Woke up early in the morning and sent PuiYi home and wait for her to shower. Then, we went Happy Garden together and lunch at my grandmother's house. My cousin auntie cooked for us, thank you! :D

Besides, my auntie cut hair for grandmother, damn cool! Hahaha, a very great auntie I had :)

- Hair cut session

- Happy after hair cut

- Tadaa! :D

After that, we went Macoto, i went there for updating my blog whereas PuiYi do her assignments. Night 815pm, we went WongKok to take our dinner with Fei, Yaw, Lek and Aaren. Then I sent PuiYi home and i'm home too. Tiring day.

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