Tuesday, September 11, 2012

| 11092012 | * So Tired!

Ahhh, today! Waking up at 930am just because of breakfast with my so-called-boyfriend, Mr. Tan Kai Jin. Tahahahaha! And also PuiYi. Had our breakfast at Mei Kheng Yong Tao Fu at Taman Kinrara. And then, we rush for our classes. I had classes on 12pm and same to KaiJin too.

Then, go for class and watch movie. LOL! My subject is to study about the plot of movies and so on about the movie. Yet, the movie is disgusting. Yucks. After class, went to Sunway Pyramid for gym. I worked out very hard today, perhaps because i'm free. LOL. Well, I met different friends today. I met Sze John in gym, nice to meet you. And I met Hoey Mun outside Inti College and he's waiting for his girlfee, aww so sweet. Hahaha!

After gym, went back to home and took nap. I took about 4 hours of nap but still, i'm very tired. Maybe because i'm sleeping late and waking up early today, and work out very hard in gym. Night time, watching movies in PPS with sister. And also help her to modify her blog until 3 something middle of night. Wahlao -.-"
You guys can visit her blog by clicking this link - http://leaf2.blogspot.com but she's not updating so often so please do forgive her because she's currently working and she had a busy and wonderful life.

Love, kell.

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