Sunday, September 23, 2012

| 23092012 | * Family Day.


It’s family day! Had brunch with family in MidValley. Just simple brunch, then we all back off to do our own things. 4pm, went SS15 with sister because we send our car for polish and wax that we bought from Groupon. At the same time, she wanted to cut her hair there. But once we reached there, we’re all hungry. So we eat together with Andrew and Yaw. Then I send my sister to cut hair, then met up Sha as well, we 4 yamcha at Macoto. Really thanks so much to accompanied me J

Between the yamcha session, I need to send Fiesta to do the same thing also but I not dare to drive out Honda Civic. Thanks to Dai Lou Yaw! He saved my life, drove the car back to SS15. Hohoho. I really don’t dare because its my brother’s car. WTF.

7pm, they left. And finally my sister is back. LOL. 940pm, Fiesta was done and we both went to Setia Walk for dinner! :D

Grateful, kellye.

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