Friday, September 14, 2012

| 14092012 | * 2 Movies In A Day!

It's Friday! Went to MidValley for movie with the lovely dears- Chian, HuiBin and YiLin. What movie we watching? The Possession. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm a person who dont watch ghost movie but, i'm kinda curious and found this story line interesting, so I requested to watch it. Hehehe! But it's nice tho. Although it's kinda scary and I keep thinking of it? Hahahah.

- Thanks for ze lobak YiLin :)
After movie, went to home and rest for few hours then. Yaw came to mua house to picked me up to Subang because we are going to watch another movie! Woah, 2 movies in a day, it's been long time I didnt do such thing. This reminds me of the past few years ago, I watched 3 movies in a day on my birthday because I'm lonely. LOL! Okay, so the movie we watch is Resident Evil. For me is kinda so so only? Because.. Not really interesting LOL! But the visual effect is so damn creative and nice lahhh D;

After movie, yamcha at Puchong Pelita, then so many people accompany me home. Wahhh, so happy. Hahahaha got a feeling of being protected by a few body guard. Tahaha! Anyways, thanks so much. I reach home safely at around 4am. 

Always be thankful for everything that you have with you.

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