Wednesday, September 26, 2012

| 26092012 | * Loudspeaker!

Have class at12pm but I went to Subang at 630am. Just hate finding parking there. Argh! Always wasting my time and my petrol. I study at do other things else in Starbucks.

- Breakfast in Starbucks.

After class, accompanied Mr Andrew for lunch at Asia Café. I actually have class after that we were all skipping because we have to attend talk. And I dislike attend for talks! Ish.

430pm, wait for PuiYi and Andrew in college area. Then went to pick up WenHao, and accompanied him to Subang Parade to buy something. After that, 4 of us went to First Subang’s Loudspeaker to cheong k! Cheong K session end at 9pm but we still syok sendiri singing without music. Tahaha! I even learn to RAP, and Andrew… I will never forget one thing he did in that room. He’s holding a glass of water whereas another hand was holding the microphone, and then he suddenly shout. We were all looking at him and wondering what is he doing, guess what he said? He answers us very calm:" I see whether the glass will break or not." WTF! LAUGH DIE US!

After sending them home. Me and PuiYi went to Setia Walk asking enquiries about I Darts. Then, sent her home and I’m home too! :D

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