Saturday, September 29, 2012

| 29092012 | * Happy Birthday TeckSeang!

First, I'm here to wish TeckSeang, the best friend of mine Happy Birthday. Hopefully you really grown up... But I dont think so. Hahahaha. Anyway, hope you all the best in future :D

Woke up at 830am, bought breakfast for my beloved grandmother. 4pm, went badminton with AiSha at White Fairy Sport. Nice exercise :D

930pm, went to Setia Walk to get ready party people! Nope, not club. Just trying some new thing, I-Darts! Surprise birthday celebrations for TeckSeang. Hope he enjoy a lot. There kinda numbers of people celebrate with him, but he non stop complaining there is no people. But end up, he drunk and there is crowded. There are high school friends, college friends and even my friends came too! Oh thanks for coming people :')

- Happy Birthday, that's me! Hahaha.

- College and high school friends.


- Yay :D

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