Sunday, September 30, 2012

| 30092012 | * Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Hey guys!
Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
Did you play lantern? Or have dinner together with you family?
I bet you do :)

Tonight, me and AiSha play lantern and candles at my house.
Last minute decision, she went to buy the stuffs and came to my house.
At least, we still have each other. 
We are not alone.

Half way then, Yaw, Fei, Andrew, Lek and Bally came to my house and see us play.
I dont know what to react that time. 
They suddenly came to my house,
maybe they are lonely too :')
Aww, thanks that we have friends.

Yet, YiLin was here too. She overnight my house because the next day we have to work.
Then, we went to Carbon Brasa to yamcha. 
1230am, we left and back to home.

- Sha.

- Us.

- Pattern :D

- Thank you, Dabez.

Thank you Dabez, for always being there for me.
Thank you, that YOU're with me today.

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