Monday, September 24, 2012

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It’s Monday. Do you face Monday blue problem? I don’t. Tahahaha. Imma working with AiSha in Tesco Damansara Mutiara today. Selling vegetables? Of course not! We are just asking people to join members for FREE! Actually it’s very free. Wow, I enjoy a lot in this job but AiSha seems very boring. Kakaka. Don’t have to promote a lot, it’s a very easy job :D

I had eggs for breakfast, AiSha make for me one nehh! So sweet yarh! Thank you so much! :D Then, I had chicken rice as my lunch break. And we actually finish our job early, then had my dinner at Tesco area also. Then, sent her back to home and I’m home too!






Nah! It’s the best timing for me to adjust back my time. Since I always sleept at 5am, then slowly 3am. Now, why not before 12am and slowly get back to 10pm? Wohoo! Healthy lifestyle journey start! :D

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