Thursday, September 20, 2012

| 20092012 | * Farewell for Korea Teacher.

Attend class today. After class, I straight away back to home and take nap. I have no idea why am I so tired today, like so seriously. I even slept in class while lecturer is lecturing. WTF. Woke up at 630pm but still feeling so tired. But I have no choice, my korea teacher have to back to Korea to give birth for her baby! I’ve actually stopped the lesson and I don’t feel like attending, after all, she has thought me a lot, then I think I should be attend. It’s a farewell dinner for her in Italianese Sunway Pyramid. I went with mua sister. We actually spent a lot of time for picture taking session. LOL! Everyone dress up pretty, make up and so on. But I’m only attending with a T shirt and shorts. So sorry, I’m so tired. Hahaha!

10 something, we left. And I went to yamcha with Sha at Wings Café until late night only we back to home. 

- Me and teacher.

- Sixta and teacher.

- Petula, me and WaiYi.

Love, kellye.

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