Wednesday, September 12, 2012

| 12092012 | * Skipping Classes?

Ring! My alarm wakes me up intentionally and I kept on snooze it. What comes into my mind is very tired, and I thought I set 1pm and 130pm so I thought it's about 130pm and I'm not going for gym. So I took my phone and I saw its only 1pm. Argh! I made mistake! I actually set 1230pm and 1pm. So that's a message for me telling me that I have to go for gym. So I climb out from the warm blanket, start packing the shirts and all that. Then, I left my home.

Contact with mua sixta and said that we would meet up together in Sunway Pyramid. So I waited her there, it's about 215pm. Then we start gym. My abs is quite painful today and feel so suffer when I'm trying to do sit up, perhaps its because yesterday I'm overdo. Yet, I'm not going to give up. I try my best to do as much as I could.

250pm, I went to shower because rushing in time, so I have to left early today. Rush to college and have slight traffic jam because Sri KL end their class at 4pm. Once I found my parking and its already 4pm, but I know this lecturer would not teaching until the first half an hour has passed, so I decided to had my meal before I went into the class because I'm starving! Had Chilli Panmee with Chian and went into the classes and do nothing, only listening to the classmates to present their idea of the previous class what the lecturer told. But because of the clashing classes, our Head of Program still havent fix the problem yet, so we are actually skipping this class every week. WTH. I wish they could settle it as soon as possible. Because I paid for it, and I am not the one who willing skip classes, I dont like it. I actually consider to complain about it before but I guess they wont take it as serious cases.

- Boring in class.

- Taking pictures in toilet.

Class ended at 6pm, we invited our lecturer Mr. Khairul for dinner in PJ. Together with Chian, YiLin, HuiBin, Michelle and LingXing (Chian's cousin). Had our dinner at PJ, Restaurant Khun Thai which is Thai food. I enjoy the food a lot. Then, sent YiLin home and I went home too. Brother and his girlfee came back Thailand. And he bought me..... Instant porridge! Tadaaa! Hahahaha!


There is a miracle when you believe 



Anonymous said...

When you go to gym to train
Don't do it when you feel pain
Recover before you exercise again
Overdoing it please refrain
My advice is simple and plain

Anonymous said...

Continuation of my poem above:-

Get help if you are in doubt
About how to do your workout
So as to get the best benefit
To keep your body slim and fit