Thursday, September 13, 2012

| 13092012 | * Premium Rush with Hui Bin.

Late to class today, because i'm sleeping late recently. Tehehe, was thinking to skip class but I cant! I must go to school! Ish. And yup, I sleep late. 10am class and i'm reaching there at 1030am. Luckily still havent start yet. But I is damn nervous. Yet, I'm lucky enough because I found parking once I reach Subang :D

Watch movie and do a little bit of in class assignment. 12pm, class end. Me and HuiBin went to Sunway Pyramid for brunch and movie! Hehe. Had our brunch in Full House, long time didnt eat there, wanted to eat so badly. Hehe!

Premium Rush is the movie of the day. It's out of my expectation. I never expect it would be so nice to watch! It is fantastically awesome! It's about the skill of cycling and a mission has to be complete in limited time. Woah! I can watch second time, it's damn perfectly nice show!

After movie, shop a little while then. I left and back to home. Sleep! Keke.

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