Monday, September 10, 2012

| 10092012 | * Blogging Day.

It's Monday. Yup, Monday blue and Celebrities Fitness seems no one there, so I am actually enjoy doing my gym because not many people there, it's like much more free :D

After gym, went to Subang and meet up Chian, then she accompanied me had my meal in Jojo Panmee. And chit chats. After that, went to Macoto and meet up PuiYi and TeckSeang. The purposely I'm there is to continue updating my blog. And finally it's done! I spent about few days to finishing updating. I actually finish updating at about 630pm.

- Love my make up today :')

Then, we 3 went to DaSaRang the Korean Cuisine for dinner. The menu has changed and some of the food has increasing their prices. But still enjoying the foods over there because it's been long time I never visit there. After meal, accompany them to McDonalds to had their ice cream. LOL! After that, we're all home :D

Blogged, kell.

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