Sunday, September 16, 2012

| 16092012 | * Happy Birthday Yaw!

Actually have to wake early today and there is part time maid to clean my house. Who knows the maid agent ffk us. WTF. So, went to grandmother's house because I'm almost one week didnt visit her already, and also my mum. So I went there to have lunch and they were happy, I can see the smile on my mum's face. And when she know that I will take my lunch and dinner there, she's busying cooking this and that and never stop. She worried that I got not enough dishes and she cook a vegetables for me, she knows that I love to drink soup, she cooked soup for me. Dinner time, she cooked chicken for me. Awww, wanted to cry already LOL! I'm really appreciate  that I have such a caring and responsible mother that some of the people might not have. Mum, I love you. blush blush 

I took my dinner there, then about 8pm I left there. Went to home, take shower and start getting ready to go out. Ohyea, Puiyi is joining us to celebrate Yaw's birthday at The Beer Factory, Setia Walk Puchong. Thanks to Lek to be the driver of picking me and sending me home, hoho! AiSha joined us at the middle of session. There are a lot of people, Chian, Calvin, Fei, Andrew, KS, Lek, PuiYi, AiSha, Aaren, YanSong, William, Wilson and their girlfee, of course the main character, Yaw. Happy Birthday! Oh at the same time, Crystal Loo, Calvin's sister is celebrating her birthday there also, her birthday is coming soon on 19th of September. I'm here to wish her Happy Birthday first. Keke!

- Crystal and Yaw, the coming birthday girl and the birthday boy.

- Crystal and me.

- Crystal, Chian, me and AiSha.

- KS, Chian, PuiYi, me, Crystal and Aisha.

- Outfits.

- Ling and me.


Oh and also, thanks to Yaw and others who treating us drinks and snacks. I believe it is very expensive. So regret to order the second shooter because we thought we can pay ourselves. Who knows we still lose to the birthday boy. LOL! About 2am, we left and I'm kinda blur case. I still know what I'm doing, just that I cant see things clearly perhaps? LOL. We still go to Pelita for yamcha, and they went there for supper session. I'm drinking a cup of limau ice. Then, we back to home. Thanks Lek! And PuiYi last minute overnight at my house, hahaha! Then we sleep at about 5am. Good night!

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