Wednesday, September 19, 2012

| 19092012 | * The Bait Premiere Screening.

Morning! Have 2 subject classes today. Between break time, me, Chian and HuiBin had our lunch together with Mr Andrew at Jojo. After that, we still yamcha at Coco. 4pm, we went to our class.

Class end at 6pm, I met up PuiYi and wait for mua sixta to pick us up. We went KLCC together for The Bait Premiere Screening. Thanks Churp Churp and Nuffnang! :D Mua sixta invited Ah Teow for ze movie. Before that, we had our dinner in Xian Jia, Isetan. Udon! I miss Korea :P You must be wondering what’s related for Udon and Korea. Udon should be Japan. Because we had Udon in Korea and their Udon is nice! Awww, I miss MyeongDong as well ><"

Then, we went for movie! Okay, the movie is pretty scary. It scares me from the beginning until the end. -.-" After movie, sister sent AhTeow and PuiYi home. Then, we went home too!

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