Tuesday, September 4, 2012

| 04092012 | * Back to Gym!

I am back to gym today!
But what can I say?
I feel that I'm not so motivated like I used to be.
Last time I always very got ohm to go to gym.
Now, I think I'm being lazy :(
But I will control myself.
I will keep telling myself I purposely pay tol and parking come here,
so I must work out for at least an hour!

And, I got The Cold Light of Day Premiere Screening from Nuffnang,
and I invited mua sixta to watch with me.
We had dinner together with PuiYi and TeckSeang because she won the tickets too.
During we having our dinner, I got a call from AiSha.
She won the tickets too and she gave it to her sister.
But then her sister last minute ffk her because the traffic really very jam.
Then, she gave it the tickets to me.
Last minute, mua sixta called her boyfee and he bring his sister come to watch together.
Thanks yo!

Love, kell.

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