Friday, October 31, 2014

| 31102014 | * My First Halloween Party :]

It's Friday!
Halloween costume's everywhere.
But this morning when I walked to university, the street is so quiet.
I thought what I've missed from the news announce that we have no class today.
But noooo, it's just because a lot of people party last night.
Most of my friends were having party tonight!
Some join this event, some join that event, some were organised their own Halloween party at home.
That's so cool huh.
I will never miss out this event because I'm only staying for 1 year here,
I wanna join their event and have fun.

So yes, our accommodation became the gather point, and our kitchen became the make up room for every artists. Hahaha.
We have booked our own make up artists, macam yes :D

- Jaaaang! My Halloween look :)

- My make up artist, Veronica :)

- With Veronica and LiYing (aka lengluii)

- Candy skull, skull, and vampire.
We left our accommodation at about 10 something,
and went to the Student Union's Reds Bar.
Partyyyy wohoooo.

Around 1230am, 
it's getting crowded and we left.
Because we have to woke up damn early in ze morning to our Edinburgh one day trip.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

| 27102014 | * Dinner at Slug & Lettuce w/Course Mates.

Skipped the not-so-important English class today.
Spent half of my day hiding in my own room to brainstorm how to do my assignment.
I woke up at 9am, had pasta as my breakfast. 
Then, do my laundry.
It's windy out there, but the wind is hot.

And then, back to my room and watch a few short episode of drama.
Still never have the motivation to start my assignment.
Till about 1pm, I finally continue my assignment.

Did some research and jot down the points. 
Then finally, I start writing the essay.
Although it's not very rush yet, but I dont feel good to do it last minute.
And also, an assignment without any guideline, it's killing me seriously.
I am lost.
And if you email the lecturer, he will never ever reply you,
when you consult him, he talk to you and he split his saliva to you.
OMG I feel so disgusting :(

Half way, about 230pm, skype with my boyfeee and we do our own assignment.
We always do that, on the skype but doing our own assignment.
If there is any question or dont understand, we will ask each other or share screen to discuss.

Thank you my love, to accompany me when I'm really stress out. 
Thank you my love, to give me opinion when I ask you about my assignment questions.
I feel you, like you are really sitting in front of me doing assignment together.
Just like usually what we do in Malaysia, always hang out to coffee shop to do assignment together.
Yeaaaa that's the motivation of staying concentrate and not watch drama or do something else.

Nearly 6pm, me and my course mates had dinner together in Quayside - Slug and Lettuce
This is the first time we hang out together.
Too bad, we have to sit separately due to the promotion every Monday, 50% for all foods and it is a fine dine restaurant.
Therefore it's a bit pack in the restaurant and not much tables. So we sit separately.
I only spent 6 pounds for my Grilled Salmon, it's very cheap for such fine foods.

- Grilled Salmon

- Garlic and Lemon Chicken Breast

- Beef Rib

- My Hong Kong friends.

- Laris, Shin, me and Payton.


After dinner, we have a short walk at Quayside and take a lot of pictures and selfie with the Millennium bridge. After that we back to our own accommodation.

- KeeLin, Payton, Shin, me and Sandra.

Home sweet home!


Friday, October 24, 2014

| 23102014 | * My Unclear Future.

It's almost 2 months staying outside of Malaysia without my family, boyfriend and close friends around. Still not used to it. What I do everyday is go to the class, and go home, do my exercise, skype with my boyfriend, and recently assignment has come to me and start doing assignment in my room. Although me and my boyfriend didnt chat a lot, didnt talk a lot, we both were busy with our assignment, but we just leave our skype on. Whenever we feel tired, just peek at him.

Didnt hang out a lot in here, cause I know once I go out, I will take my wallet out and get something. Although I have nothing to get but still, I will just get ANYTHING. And things here aren't cheap you know. Dont play play!

But will hang around at the Quayside for a walk, or sometimes get drinks and drink at friend's accommodation or my accommodation, chat around. In Chinese people said: "在家靠父母,出外靠朋友" which means you rely on your parents when you're at home, whereas you rely on your friends when you're out from your house. So, yea.. We'll just help each other, cheer each other no matter how. Well, yea, I miss home :'(

My sister wish that I could go back for her wedding, and my mum, at first she told me dont have to go back but now, she asked me to go back. I really dont know how to choose. I wish to go back, because that's my sister's wedding. I dont wish to go back, because I know when I leave them, I will sadly cry again. I really cannot take it since last 2 months, I will never forget that pain, that hurt, that feeling that left my love ones. I still remember, few days before I depart, I cry every night. I can simply cry suddenly, randomly. On the day I depart, I cry most of my day. I really cant take it. That's the reason why I dont wish to go back. Maybe when I back to Malaysia, I dont wanna come back anymore. I really cant live my love ones just like that, I will be so so sad. But on the other hand, I knew my sister wish that I could go back. How? It's really difficult for me to make decision. 

I always look at my countdown app on my phone, counting the number of days left that I could go back to Malaysia and meet my family, dog, boyfriend, friends, to have steamboat every week and so on. But another thing is, when the time I got back to Malaysia, it's time to look for job. And here starts the reality world. We still see reality now, but it's just part of it. I believe that once we were out to working industry, that's what REALITY starts. Everything will be your real internship, you real assignment, maybe with a strict "lecturer" with a tight "duration" to finish up your work. So worry and I find my future still in a blur picture, I cant see my future yet. Sweat =.=0

Let's see what happen in coming half year, see what UK transform me into? Hahah, that's all for my update :D


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

| 14102014 | * Unexpected.

Hi people, I have nothing much to update, because I'm doing the same thing like everyday.
My daily routine is just wake up, breakfast, class, lunch, do assignment/watch drama, dinner, sleep.
It repeats everyday, just to save up money and try not to spend money outside.

One thing is, when they have Halloween event, I try to attend because I wanna feel their culture here. Just because I'm only staying for a year here. I wanna make use of their every season, spring, winter, autumn and summer. 

I was actually plan with one of my flatmate to spend our Christmas in London,
it much be very happening. But the sad thing is, I never expect my mom never allow me to London. But its just 3 hours of train to the destination, and I have been there. So yes, I am mad, like seriously. Everyone here is going somewhere to spend their Christmas, why would I staying at home alone? I am here in the UK, if I come here just for my study, I would rather stay in Malaysia. At least, I'm not spending Christmas like a loner. At least, I'm not letting my parents worry about me. At least, I'm not left my friends, family and boyfriend behind. I would probably happier than I spend my Christmas alone here.

I really started to confuse and I dont know what my mom is thinking, I really mad and never expect that she cant allow me to London. And she asked me why am I become like that. For me, that sentence is like judging my personality. Why did she mean that? What did she mean that why am I becoming like that? I thought that would never be a matter, except for worry. I am already here, so I am more easily to go here and there to explore more. Isn't it? If worry, why am I here to let her worry me for a year? If worry, why not keep me stay in Malaysia? I am here only for study, not travel. Is that mean that I can come here once I have complete my degree and back to Malaysia and travel here again? I thought I should take the opportunity to explore it now, right timing. I thought I should be more independent in here since I am here, alone in oversea. I know that I come here for my studies, but its Christmas, and I will be having a winter break at that moment. What should I do? Like really stay in my accommodation?

I;m really mad, sad and disappoint.
I know end up I will still spend my Christmas in London. No matter who persuade her, or if she doesnt allow, I will still be there anyway. But what I sad is because of the judgement of personality. Its like telling me I've changed to a different person who makes her worry of me all the time. Did I? I already did everything fine and I really know to take care myself.