Friday, October 31, 2014

| 31102014 | * My First Halloween Party :]

It's Friday!
Halloween costume's everywhere.
But this morning when I walked to university, the street is so quiet.
I thought what I've missed from the news announce that we have no class today.
But noooo, it's just because a lot of people party last night.
Most of my friends were having party tonight!
Some join this event, some join that event, some were organised their own Halloween party at home.
That's so cool huh.
I will never miss out this event because I'm only staying for 1 year here,
I wanna join their event and have fun.

So yes, our accommodation became the gather point, and our kitchen became the make up room for every artists. Hahaha.
We have booked our own make up artists, macam yes :D

- Jaaaang! My Halloween look :)

- My make up artist, Veronica :)

- With Veronica and LiYing (aka lengluii)

- Candy skull, skull, and vampire.
We left our accommodation at about 10 something,
and went to the Student Union's Reds Bar.
Partyyyy wohoooo.

Around 1230am, 
it's getting crowded and we left.
Because we have to woke up damn early in ze morning to our Edinburgh one day trip.


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