Saturday, November 1, 2014

| 01112014 | * A Trip to Edinburgh.

Happy weekend!
Finally i'm not staying at home like a so boring person.
Got invited to Edinburgh one day trip by Desiree,
together with Janet, LiYing, Ainsley and Jacqueline.

We slept for 3 hours plus, since yesterday was the Halloween Party and we go to bed at 3am.
Depart from our accommodation at about 715am, take the train.
Had some breakfast bites in the train.
We arrived in Edinburgh at around 920am.

p/s: this is not photoshop, and no filter. so prettttty! *so excited*

First stop - The National Gallery of Scotland.
It opens at 10am, so we chill outside the gallery and take some photos.

- feeling amazed? so pretty right?! *so excited again*

And then we met this man, he played Rasa-Sayang song. LOL

We took our own sweet time in the gallery and....
we get abandoned :'(
Hahah, maybe we're too slow.
So yeap, we separated.

Janet, LiYing and me went to have our lunch in a cafe in the gallery.
Victor & Carina Cotini Edinburgh

- Cheese scones *yummy!*

- Bacon and sausage burger.

- The original Scottish Breakfast.

- LiYing and Janet, feeding the camera #asiansatwork

- the hipster lady.

Then, we went to the Castle of Edinburgh!
Oh and we passed by The Scotch Whisky Experience, whisky tasting.
Wanted to get in there but.......
T.T it's okay because they dont really drink, so they think it's kinda pricey.
But yea I do follow the majority.

Also, we never go in to the castle cause they charge T.T
And it's expensive
So we stay outside take pictures.

* high pitch shouting & excited times 3*

Then, we went to the town to shop around.
And also went in to National Gallery because Janet was attracted from the colorful glass.

- we both tired like a zombie.

- small bottles of liquor.

- I feel so WOW with this picture. I can see 'hope' here. LOL. #macamyes

After that, we had our dinner in Pizza Hut.
I had pasta and Janet and LiYing had pizza.

- Pepperoni and vegetables pizza.

- Salmon pasta.

Then, we take the 630pm train and back to Newcastle.
Such tiring day.
Gotta work hard and concentrate on my assignment next coming weeks.


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