Friday, December 11, 2009

My Today *\\11.12.2009//*

im back!
back from tesco.
spend around RM200.
not for vegetables but for snacks!
maggie cup we bought around 8 cups.
cook maggie we bought 4 packets.
and toilet tissue 4 packet.

plan to study,
plan to cleaning room,
and plan to do housework.
i NEVER do anyone of them.

whole day,
i sleep,
i eat,
i computers,
and i watch televisions.

actually plan to go Sunway with jasmine today.
but because of she need to work and i also quite lazy to go,
then we just cancel it.

one thing is running in my mind.
about christmas.
was thinking to do something but...
dont know.

what happen to you my dear?
dont cry, i'll be there.

- by kellye tan

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