Monday, December 12, 2011

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I missed a lot of updates for my blogs. So i'll just go through randomly with my updates. Because if i update one post by one post. I will keep repeating the same thing i guess? Its all about rushing assignments and study for exams. HAHA, seriously no joke. LOL.

Well in these weeks, this month, i spent most of the time with ze ITMC dudes. overnight in their houses, breakfast together, lunch together, dinner together and supper together. stay up late together, never sleep together, nap together and being panda together. we chill together, stress together. By doing the project, a group with 3 people, 2 persons cry. too stress? perhaps. but for sure, i will remember these happy moments together :)

Alright, let the photos tell ze stories x)

- carrying spongebob while studying/assignment-ing.

- taking pictures in OverTime's toilet because its cool.

- spending time in OverTime waiting for friends, no drinking!

- taking pictures :)

- make up for the video shooting.

- after make up like sleeping less than 30 minutes everyday.

- thanks to WingWing for helping us in shooting as well :)

- playing with panda around.

- park as near as we can until we purposely bang and scare the owner of ze car.

- draw something on glass when its available :D

- cried and got warm text message from mum to cheer me up :)

- super crazy.

- dinner in Murni and please remember the moment few people get shocked together x)

- the two in class.

- Scooby with us in the house :D

- night in mamak :3

- watch You're an apple of my eyes together.

- beer time to chill.

- chilling, chatting, sharing.

- KFC in Setia Alam :)

- the first cup of coffee in 7-11.

- studying for exams.

- kena saman og double parking LOL.




And i got time to cut my hair, and highlighted my hair as well x)


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Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..