Monday, December 19, 2011

| 19122011 | * A Gift From My Beloved Ling ♥

Burrrp! Oppsy! *excuse me* just finished my dinner with ling Puiyi. what did i do today. Hermm, well nothing much. planned to arrange my things well in my room and vacuum the house but, FAIL. LOL.

woke up at 1pm and do some house work. then start changing my blog's layout. btw how's my new blog design? kekeke. i spent kinda few hours just for the header you know x( the Picasa stuff is really killing me deadly. cause my storage full and asked me to purchase. thanks to a friend teach me another way so that you can see my big header. HAHAHA. ribuan terima kasih (:

5pm, rush to Sunway Pyramid for gym. when i reached there, my sister is on the way shower already. LOL. -.-" still the same, im doing my own for one and half an hour. then, took bath and went Jusco to buy some snacks. cause the snacks that i bought, my mum ate all of them. LOL. even maggie cup, i bought for spare, so that sometimes maybe i just dont feel like cooking, for emergency, she ate it all. LOL. so nice of her! LOL. so i went to restock all ze snacks. and called her see whether she need anything. she said, nothing i want except durian. then i was like, are you sure? after i buy my snacks you dont steal mine okay? then she said, oh i want the potato chips that i took from your room that day. LAUGHOUTLOUD! okays i bought few pack then.

after that, passed by Ochado and it always makes me think of my ling. she love to drink all this leelee laalaa things. so i bought Pop Egg Milk Tea for her and for me myself. went to her house to picked her up and went to HahaXiu PanMee for our dinner. then, she gave me the Stitch's iphone casing that very hot these days. never expect that she'd buy for me, seriously surprise! thanks so much ling (; addition, she buy that for me, FOR NO REASON. not any purposes. wooots, that's sweet. HAHA (;

after dinner, sent her back. then im home toooo! (:

- Ochado :)

- ribuan terima kasih for my ling, i'll love it, and you too 


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