Friday, December 16, 2011

| 16122011 | * Missing you.

what a day. ffk-ed teckseang at 7am's gym. cause i woke up late, keke. woke up at around 1 something and fried rice for my own. then do some house work and watch drama. sometimes i just have a feeling that im a housewife. like i can woke up and cook for the family, i can fetch them to school or work (if i have a child and a husband), then just do some house work and waiting the time to pass. LOL. easily get fat.

around 7pm, went to gym with sixta. and we work hard on it until we got no energy. LOL. while we're gym-ing, we already thinking what to eat later. what a crap.

11pm, done our shower and went Asia Cafe and have dinner, together with teckseang and his brother. around 12am then, sent them home and we're home too :)

btw, im missing you right now, right here, like always i do, in every single minute, every single second. im always waiting for the day we'd to be together. i guess, i will cry. most probably i will. because even when im just thinking about that, my tears rolling in my eyes too. yup, i'll be waiting. the place is just for you but no one else :)

what a good day!


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