Monday, February 21, 2011

| 21022011 | * The Overslept Mistakes.

went college early morning with miss gohpuiyi. as usual, revision in starbucks and had a cup of vanilla latte ;)

until 12pm, went class in studio. learn to be a director and im the worst director ever. HAHA x) after that, follow chian's car and sent yilin home. then had maggie as my lunch at her house, thankiee thankiee! :) tomyam, its effing spicy! after makan, my stomach dont feel good =S

rush back to college, had BM Presentation today, but we are just standing outside there and only joyi is presenting, she represent our whole group which is me, chian and sooyong. she did very well. luckily im not the one who present, look scary and she really good in BM, better than mine damn alot. =x

after that then, went home with puiyi. planned to had dinner together and then send her home but fail. because of my tiring. LOL. slept on sofa and overslept. from 7pm straight till 1am. she already balik rumah and she had gastric because of me, feel so guilty :( im so sorry darling puiyi. =/ and her files and other stuffs is in my car. :( guess is because my mum is at home, so she not dare to wake me up. =/ mami why are you at home? LOL.

after woke up, had my DINNER. then help mami do her office stuffs until 5am. WTH. -.-


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