Sunday, February 27, 2011

|27022011 | * Mummy's Day! x)

woke up at around 1pm, awwh so tired! text-ed puiyi ask her whether are we going out study but then we have to wait. i continue sleeping on the bed for an hour, i guess?
after that woke up, brush my teeth and had my lunch - chicken rice. then watch tv, dreaming, doing nothing.. until around 4.30pm, still waiting puiyi =/ then end up i cancel the revision, i follow my mum went to pasar and be ah sum x) buy fruits, veges, fish and something. then went to grandmother's house.

chat with grandmother, accompanied her a while. left at around 7 something. home, shower and wait mami cook dinner. im starving, she cook so slow. =x HAHA, end up i ate my dinner at around 9 something tho. but still eat until full full :)

then, study a little little in room but not much, because im headache! i cant face laptop for long and see the words, very bad headache. dislike! x( do a bit notes in a few piece paper, hope that i can get up tomorrow and went college early and study inside car or somewhere else. *hopefully im not late* and hope that my headache lost and get away from me tomorrow so that i could do that :S

according to the condition of my head and brain, im not going to study and im here to blogging and listening to BEAST's song! (:


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