Tuesday, March 1, 2011

| 28022011 | * Disappointment.

its the last day of February, welcome March :)
and something unhappy happened today, at the 12am when the earth is moving and going to the first day of March.

a girl, she's special and outstanding in most of the people, even me. but today only i know, she is actually exactly the same with the others. she break my heart, definitely. makes me feel so lifeless. what is the point she thinks that i had a bad purpose? WHAT THE HELL?! even joking is part of everyone's life, arent you? please, dont let me see you joke with others. guess what? she told me, JOKE IS MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT READY TO GET IN TO THE INDUSTRY. even i apologize although i feel i got no wrong, i just gave her face, dont wanna make everything go worst.

i feel so sorry, i wanted to apologize; to myself, i force myself do something which is not willing to, i am sorry, my heart.


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